The Kitchen is my Happy Place!


Hello to all!


My name is Lorissa. I am a law student, a wife, and a self-proclaimed cooking goddess! As the youngest of 5 growing up in a household with my grandmother, mother, father and older siblings I sat back and watched how the kitchen ran. I always admired my grandmother and saw how fierce she was in the kitchen- she cooked like a machine! She put so much time, love and energy into her food. As I got older and left home, I finally had the kitchen all to myself. Boring recipes weren’t an option, i felt compelled to experiment, to go outside of my comfort zone, and search for new techniques and recipes to elevate the everyday dish. I think I am now obsessed with cooking and creating new flavorful dishes on a plate and I just want to share my obsession with you all! My philosophy is life is suppose to be lived as richly as possible, and whatever we eat should be just as exciting as the life we live!

A recipe has no soul. YOU as the cook must bring soul to the recipe!

-Thomas Keller


14 thoughts on “The Kitchen is my Happy Place!

  1. Kesha Dowdy

    Great recipes girl. Everyone that knows me knows I’m the queen of trying out new recipes. I plan on making each and every last one of them except the cipiano soup and the stuffed mushrooms. Lol


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