Gardening Tips


This is my first post about gardening…however, recently starting a garden and going through the process of learning about different types of products and how to care for herbs vs. fruits and veggies has ( in a way) made me feel like doing a little blog about it is necessary!

IMG_7975 I HIGHLY recommend this product for tomatoes, fruits and veggies. It makes feeding your crop very easy, just shake and dash about 2 teaspoons around the soil. Before I was using some feed that dissolved in water, but this actually contains calcium, and the other one did not! So please take note: Your crop needs calcium ( which I had no idea how important it was).


When my basil was dying I was so confused as to what was going on!! Then I realized it was because of slugs!! Those asshole slugs!! I am sorry mother-nature but I need my sweet basil. I realized the slugs were attracted to all the sweet plants : Sweet basil and mint and were sucking up all the resources and eating on the plants. So far, this has repelled them! I highly recommend this…something a newbie gardener may not think to consider…

So let me run a list of what I am growing, what has died, and why! I also want to give you a run down on the products I recommend:

Tomato plant: Early Girl- some seasoned growers named this plant “early girl” because it was one of the first, well-known hybrids that bear a lot of tomatoes per plant. In my experience, I’ve only been growing this for a few weeks before I started seeing a considerable change in size; the vines are starting to grow strong and thick so I am excited to taste these tomatoes!

IMG_7843As you can see here, this is a strawberry plant. This is my first time growing strawberries so I will keep you all updated on the process. I know that moisture is really important for the growth process… but I also know it’s important to dig a deep enough hole for a healthy root production. I hope to see something come of these plants soon!!IMG_7844

Green onions! They have sprouted about 2-3 inches and they’ve only been in the ground a few short weeks so I am looking forward to the bulbs growing larger. I am using a drip method for this plant, so I am not over-saturating it in water, nor am i pouring water directly over it. I think for this delicate plant, that is the best method. IMG_7845

Three varieties of tomato plants from left to right : Big Beef, Early Girl and Celebrity. I know it’s really important to grow a variety of tomatoes for healthy production.IMG_7846Big beef: The name says it all lol these tomatoes will grow EXTRA LARGE and extra beefy. I am looking forward to hamburger Pattie sized slices with this one.IMG_7847

Last, but not lease, a combination of mint, oregano and thyme. I notice the oregano and mint are kind of overtaking the thyme a little bit… I am still researching the reason why some herbs in the same pot use up the resources faster than others.IMG_7848

And of course, my cat is right by my side investigating everything that I do!! lol

IMG_7850I am also growing Cat Nip and Squash! My squash plant is growing long but has not quite sprouted much yet. In the picture above it is the 4th plant from the right after the 3 tomato plants. And the last plant, right next to it is the jalapeno plant- which is doing beautifully. So I will continue posting more tips as I continue to learn more about the process!!


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