Growing up my family always seized the opportunity to barbeque- whether it be for the 4th of July, the end of the summer or the beginning of the summer…hell if the time is right, and the weather is perfect…there’s always an opportunity to grill.

This post is a homage to the grillers out there. Now, although this is a recipe blog, I thought it’d be interesting to show you how my memorial day looked whether i cooked anything or not! Some people have asked me about brands of sausage, cuts of meat, and types of wine I like. Now, here is the time to elaborate on all of these things all in one post….whether i cooked it or not! lol

Here is my spread!! I will go through each one piece by piece.

Over to the far right are the shrimp kabobs… I don’t know how they got left out! lol


Below: Spicy Portuguese Linguica Sausage. IMG_8210

Ribeye steaks, marinated in mesquite seasonings, dried minced onion, salt and pepper.IMG_8212

This is a little basket of a medley of things I put together: Potatoes, Brussels sprouts, onions, and whole cloves of garlic.IMG_8214I marinated the potato medley in this: IMG_8207

And of course you guys know how I feel about shrimp! I made a sauce with lemon, butter, garlic and small bits of habanero. In a small bowl I mashed up garlic, the meat of the lemon, and habanero and poured warm butter over it…and drizzled it over the shrimp. Be careful because the habanero is NO JOKE! Use it sparingly. IMG_8253


I also used SILVA brand HOT LINKS which were amazingly delicious. Now, let’s grill!

IMG_8226 IMG_8232

Notice how I also put the potatoes on the grill, Just make a little basket out of foil and leave it open for 10-15 minutes then cover it. IMG_8234

The steaks had such a good sear on them!

IMG_8236The potato medley came out great. I love the flavor of grilled potatoes and veggies! Just a pinch of salt and they’re perfect.


And of course, last but not least the shrimp! I overdosed on shrimp….:)IMG_8243

I had to have it with one of my favorite drinks: SANGRIA!


I hope you guys enjoyed your MEMORIAL DAY! If you have any questions more on how I seasoned anything or specifically which marinades and seasonings I used, don’t hesitate to ask!!


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