Gardening Update: The Growing Process!


I am so excited I had to pour a glass of wine while I posted! lol I am proud of my garden and how much it has flourished. For a while I was scratching my head trying to figure out why my squash wasn’t growing or why it seemed like my basil was looking flimsy. Well I am happy to say the consistency, calcium, sprays and all those other tips I posted in the “Gardening Tips” post have been paying off.

I wanted to show people a steady progression so I can determine if what I was doing, and it has been!


I stand about 5’6-5’7 and this plant has grown to my chest! The vines are thick, very green and very sturdy. I look forward to see this plant produce VERY LARGE and JUICY tomatoes. I might even begin bottling my own tomato sauce because of this plant! Deeper in the center I see many green tomatoes so there is no doubt this plant will produce an exceptional amount of tomatoes. Stay tuned! 🙂

Big Beef Big Beef1


It’s funny that this tomato plant is called early girl and it was the first plant out of all my tomato plants that quickly began sprouting! This plant smells strong and the tomatoes feel firm and are already turning BRIGHT RED!

Early Girl IMG_9138


Again, I find these names hilarious…the name must mean that these tomatoes are incognito and afraid of being seen LOL…the “celebrity” of this tomato plant! lol Im waiting for this baby to produce some tomatoes, so far I see hope…the vines are green, strong and sprouting but these are the smallest out of my 3 tomato plants.

Celebrity IMG_9136

Next: Jalapeños! This plant likes dry weather, don’t over water it! Once I stopped watering it everyday I saw it sprout up and the colors were very dark! Once you see little yellow flowers, prepare for some very spicy jalapenos! Jalapeno

Jalapeno 1

SWEET BASIL. Make sure you get mite spray because bugs tend to love this one. I had to revive it back to life by getting snail bait… and I walked out a few days later and saw a sea of snail shells…it was like a cemetery of snails…lol Im sorry but I like my basil more than I like snails. But it worked! Rest in peace to all those asshole snails!Sweet Basil

Next: Yellow Squash!! Ok i have to be honest, I couldn’t figure out where the squash was growing lol Until I looked deep, right in the center and here it is!!

Yellow Squash

You see the tiny yellow squash below? Fascinating isnt it? lol Ok I am way too excited. But this is a journey that requires a lot of time, attention to detail and trial and error so I just wanted to share it all with you guys!  I will keep you all updated and look forward to making some delicious meals straight from the garden!

Yellow Squash 1


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