Thanksgiving 2015 Empanadas


Happy Holidays!!! I am so shocked at how quickly time flew and it’s almost Christmas. Law School has taken my head and buried it deep in the sand and although I have still found time to cook, all my creativity and mental efforts toward creating new recipes has been thwarted! But I managed to make time to cook a feast… and then I found myself quickly bored with thanksgiving leftovers and I wanted to try something different.


So I took my turkey, and juice from my turkey and turned it into a gravy. I also took leftover mashed potatoes, and dressing and decided to use it in an empanada recipe! It turned out sooooo delicious! From here on out I think im going to put everything in an empanada ! lol

So I hope you guys can use those leftovers and create something new; starting with this recipe!


To make it easier i used pie crust dough from the store, which was left over in my fridge.

I rolled the pie shells out and I used a small bowl to make individual circles.

I spooned out small scoops and layered it into the shell, folded it over and used a fork to seal the edges.

I brushed egg over the top to create a nice brown, flakey crust and sprinkled a little parsley over the top.

On a greased baking dish I popped them in the oven at 375 for 20 minutes.

And here you go!! I used my leftover cranberry sauce as a dipping sauce. I highly recommend it!! And for those of you who are curious….heres a little glimpse at what my actual Thanksgiving looked like:


Hopefully we can keep this pace up by accidentally creating fun and new Holiday Themed Recipes! lol Please comment below if you have a Thanksgiving Leftover recipe!!