My New Cookbook!


It has been such a long time since I have posted. But I have finally come up for air for a second during Spring Break to post. After years of accumulating and learning about different ingredients and recipes I finally decided to take the plunge. This cookbook is my heart and soul. NONE of these recipes are posted on the blog and they all have some interesting stories about their origins.

I wanted to start off by utilizing what I learned about fish and shrimp, mainly because that is what my diet consists of. Of course, I indulge in other things but there was a time where I really needed to diet, fast, and reset my body so I focused more on fish and shrimp dishes.

I also did a lot of research in the creation of this book because I like to understand the origins of recipes and how they came to be. I guess I am a bit of a history buff when it comes to learning about food. I think food sets a tone in the kitchen and I just appreciate ingredients when I can source their creation.

Please purchase, give me feed back and ask questions! I am proud of this book and I know you will love the recipes!

Click Below and Enjoy! Shout out to amazon. com for helping me get this published! lol

Fish & Shrimp Essentials